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Bartubeless is born to help you make safer ride with your motorbike. Articles below can help you better understand why you shuld have a Bartubeless wheels.

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July 7, 2021

Easier to repair

Why tubeless wheels are easier to repair than tube type wheels
July 7, 2021

Less gyroscopic effect

How the weight of the wheel and its rotation influence the overall weight of the wheel when steering
July 7, 2021

Better pressure distribution

In tubeless wheels there is better pressure distribution, and this brings many benefits
July 7, 2021

Lighter wheels

A tubeless wheel is lighter than a tube type wheel and this brings many benefits Lighter
July 7, 2021

No friction

In tube type wheels friction is created between the inner tube and the tyre and it causes an increase in temperature
July 7, 2021

No valve breakage

In tubeless wheels there is no problem in case of valve breakage