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In the year 2006 born the BARTUBELESS system, the only way to turn any wire wheel into a tubeless wheel.

An idea of Stefano Bassi, owner of BART FACTORY, developed with a single goal: simplicity and effectiveness.

This system is created, developed and tested in the field for competition in the Italian championships and regional of Supermotard in order to achieve better results in competitions. In 2008, for example, the IPA team ran the Italian and the world supermotard championship with the BARTUBELESS system; were several riders who have used our system. 

  • example of BARTUBELESS transformation
    example of BARTUBELESS transformation

We seal the nipples of a wire wheel avoiding the leakage of the air by means of a polymer that is applied inside the...

The BARTUBELESS system is guaranteed for 4 years for any structural failure of the polymer.

Our system of spokes replacement allows to adjust the spokes, because the nipples is free to rotate even if embedded...

The BARTUBELESS transformation is applicable to any bike with wire wheels.